Chaudhary Group found investing in tax haven countries establishing offshores companies

KATHMANDU: Family members of Binod Chaudhary-only billionaire of Nepal listed by Forbes- have been found investing illegally in tax haven countries as per the report, Pandora Papers, of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

According to the report, members of the family including Binod Chaudhary were found investing in tax havens. As per the report received by the Center for Investigative Journalism, Nepal from the ICIJ, three companies in British Virgin Island, one in Singapore and one in Panama are registered in the names of family members of Chaudhary.

According to the Pandora Papers, companies of the Chaudhary family in Virgin Island are Sinobesan Incorporate and CG Hotels and Resort Limited, Sensei Capital Inc. Likewise, a company named CG Hospitality Holdings Global PTE Ltd is registered in Singapore.

Billionaire Binod Chaudhary has been maintaining in his books and interviews that CG Group has invested in foreign countries as per the law but the ‘Pandora Papers’ leak has proved it wrong. (With inputs from CIJ.) 

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