Pandemic and Mental Health

  • Injum Angdembe
Injum Angdembe

We have been focusing on every aspect but our mental health. Through this article I would like to draw the attention towards this aspect of health. The lockdown has been hard for everyone of us but for the mental health victim it’s being worst . Most of the victim needs an active communication and fresh air. The idea of just sitting in a room inside a house is terrifying them because they will have to deal with their negative thoughts every minute.

There won’t be much to do inside a house and in long term it becomes monotonous hence boring. Being mentally ill doesn’t mean you are a insane person or you are weak than other as the myth says. It has nothing to do with your capabilities. It happens because of the biological factors such as chemical imbalances in the brain. It may run in genes too. Even a person with strong willpower may fall fragile and end up being its victim.

Reports have shown that there is increasement of 31% in Anxiety/Depression Whereas 11% has seriously considered suicide during late June in US alone. In Nepal, the rate of anxiety and depression was reported 34.1 % and 31.2% respectively. A patient with Depression when interviewed says” it’s easy to take life than stay inside home for twenty-four hours. I have nothing to do more than just cut myself and make myself suffer”.

This statement is very strong, it makes us pause and checkup upon our loved one. It doesn’t take much of time but it could be proven to be very helpful. Sometimes all a person need is someone to share their feelings with so that they do not pile up their feelings inside and burst it out suddenly in the form of trauma. 

Medical treatment and therapies have proven to be very effective to cure such adverse health situation. Medicines helps to balance the fluctuated chemicals in our brain. And therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy provides necessary counseling.

The disorder such as Anxieties, depressions and PTSDs cannot be treated without proper medication  with therapy. These problems if not cured at proper time may results in suicide and self-harm. They must be treated as any other health conditions like Diabetes and Blood Pressure.

I would like to say that society should normalize this illness. We treat these disease as a shame and try to hide it as much as possible. No, these mentality of us hampers the patient more that the disease itself does. Those suffering should not suffer it as a superstition and visit dhami and jhakris. It’s a health condition and it should be treated accordingly. I would also like to appeal to the sufferings to engage themselves in creative works, physical exercise, Yogas and meditation so that they remain involved during this pandemic.

(Injum Angdembe, Kathmandu School of Management

BBA 1st year, semester I)

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